Advocacy group to create special education advocacy videos


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News from Texas

Disability Rights Texas received a project grant May 24 from the Texas Bar Foundation to design web-based videos informing parents of children with disabilities about special education laws and self advocacy.

The videos, which will be available to stream for free on Disability Rights Texas’ website, will “provide detailed information about preparing for Admission, Review and Dismissal meetings with school administrators.”

“When we survey communities across the state, we hear repeatedly about the need for special education rights training for parents and family members of children with disabilities,” said Mary Faithfull, executive director of Disability Rights Texas, in a news release. “We know this information will help parents understand their rights and learn how best to advocate on behalf of their special-needs children.”

The videos will be available in both English and Spanish.

Disability Rights Texas is part of the federally funded protection and advocacy system and a member of the National Disability Rights Network.