Advocacy group launches accessibility campaign


This graphic pinpoints Washington DC on a road map.
Washington DC

A Washington DC based disability rights group has launched a new interactive forum for educating people on disability accessibility, titled “what is WRONG with these pictures?”

The game asks users to identify physical barriers in real life situations, such as steps in front of a doorway, or less obvious obstacles, such as a round doorknob.

“One in five people in the United States have a disability, yet there is still a great lack of awareness when it comes to what exactly is accessible and what is not,” said Leah Maddox, communications and outreach associate for the Equal Rights Center, in a news release. “This campaign is a fun and stimulating forum through which people with and without disabilities can learn more about accessibility.”

The game is part of a larger campaign from the Equal Rights Center and DC Office of Human Rights, which also features stories from individuals with disabilities and their encounters with accessibility barriers in their daily lives, self advocacy toolkits, a two-month roll out on a social media sites and a three-month print advertisement campaign.

“By sharing my experiences and successes in my life, I hope to inspire every person with low vision and legal blindness to know that there is hope for the future, ways to overcome challenges, and that by working together, we can make a difference in the lives of man,” said Jill Nerby, an ERC member and campaign contributor, in the release.