A not so rude awakening to the band, “Rudely Interrupted”

Rudely Interrupted is an Indie band from Australia.  Their music likens that of 80’s new wave, 60’s surf pop and very early Animals.  The lead singer has a voice and stage presence reminiscent of a subtle mix between a melodic Eric Burdon and Joy Division‘s, Ian Curtis.  I sense that The Animals are a key source of inspiration for this band.  I interpret their name to be a play on both personal expression and the title of The Animals album, “Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted”.

Black and white photo of the band Rudely Interrupted with spotlights shining down on them.
Rudely Interrupted

As I like to consider myself a music aficionado, I usually critique the music before I ever wonder about the people making it.  Although I was turned on to this band while I was researching autism, I had no idea about  the extent of the members’ disabilities.

They have toured the world, starred in a critically acclaimed film documentary and released their debut album “Tragedy of the Commons”.

Their music video “Close My Eyes” is high quality and directed by the talented Tov Belling.  The video has the feeling of an unveiling.  Like a sunrise, it builds upon moodiness and anticipation within the shadows.

The moody feeling is juxtaposed against the pop sound of the band.  Then, like the buildup of the first rays of light coming out of the horizon to the full scale arrival of the sun, the band emerges from the shadows.

They are revealed fully lit up with confidence, pride and a sly smile of knowing that they have arrived.  Rudely Interrupted has a myspace, facebook and artist website that are full of band information, touring dates, interviews, music, write ups and inspiration.  Check out their video “Close My Eyes” , it is a great introduction to a new Indie pop and culturally relevant band.


Photo from Rudely Interrupted website

I am a BFA Photography major at Seattle University. I champion for civil rights from the perspective of one with disabilities that give me the abilities to do so. I am a passionate, educated and informed advocate of the arts in all aspects.