“A life defined not by disability, but love”

NPR recently profiled Bonnie Brown, a single mother with intellectual disabilities, and her story  raising Myra, her 15-year old-daughter.

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NPR Building in Washington DC

Bonnie and Myra describe the challenges of trying to grow up as a regular family, despite public perceptions of Bonnie’s disabilities.

The two describe being protective of each other and the connection they’ve built as Myra’s grown into a standout student, enrolled in gifted and talented classes at her high school.

“I am really thankful because you understand me, and you love me, and you accept me. And … thank you for that,” Bonnie tells her daughter.

“I don’t know, you kind of make it seem like I tolerate you — I love you. You’re a good parent, and just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean that you do anything less for me,” Myra says.

The whole feature can be heard here.