Parenting Without Pity

Parenting Without Pity is a storytelling project where disabled parents draw from our own experiences of disability to help parents be better allies for their disabled children.
In the series, we ask disabled parents about their own childhoods and

Storytellers Series

The Rooted in Rights Storytellers Series recruits, trains, equips and employs people with disabilities across the globe to tell their own stories through video. Storytellers write, produce and film their stories using smartphones, and tackle disability rights issues like access…

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I’m Not Sorry If My Disability Makes You Uncomfortable

I spent the first 30 years of my life doing everything I could to not let people know I couldn’t see things. I ordered the same things at the fast food restaurant, I got dropped off a block away so nobody knew that my parents were driving me, I didn’t follow my dream to study medicine or be a scientist.