Parenting Without Pity – A Podcast Series

Parenting Without Pity is a 20-episode podcast series where disabled parents offer compassionate and frank advice and guidance to non-disabled parents of disabled children. Our desire to honor experience and knowledge of disabled parents comes from our experiences of disability…

Reproductive rights history

True or False? In 1927, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that forced sterilization was unconstitutional in Buck v. Bell. A) True B) False Click on the headline above for the answer.

Storytellers Series

The Rooted in Rights Storytellers Series recruits, trains, equips and employs people with disabilities across the globe to tell their own stories through video. Storytellers write, produce and film their stories using smartphones, and tackle disability rights issues like access…

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How My Parents Helped Me Find My Disabled Identity

I have always loved the way drums sound. During parades, my focus was always on the marchers with the snares; while at concerts my neck was perpetually craned as I struggled to see over the taller members of the crowd

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